Coral: a mythical and magical gemstone

Coral: a mythical and magical gemstone

Coral, an organic gemstone, is made up of the skeletons of microscopic polyps, which live in colonies in tropical and sub tropical seas in different parts of the world. The most highly prized kind, precious coral–Corallium Rubrum–grows in dark crevices and caverns at depths of 30-1500 metres in the seas of the Mediterranean region. For more information please check this website :

 In ancient times many magical qualities were attributed to coral. Its delicate tree-like structure and bright red colour, and the fact that it was alive underwater but petrified when taken out of the sea, confounded people.  It was not clear if it was a mineral, a vegetable or an animal.  It was referred to as the blood of Medusa, ‘soft and diaphanous under water, as hard as stone in the air, again it was a tree of blood, symbolizing procreative force, a link with the divine and supernatural.’ To read about how coral travelled to different parts of the world from its underwater origins in the Mediterranean click here :

 Coral jewellery dating back 8,000 years has been found in the ancient Neolithic settlement of Catal Huyuk in Anatolia, Turkey. Precious coral is a rich red colour and was worn to ward off evil and protect the wearer. The Egyptians believed that each bead contained a drop of blood. In parts of India corals are an essential part of ‘mangalsutras’–auspicious jewellery worn by married women. Many metaphysical qualities are associated with wearing gemstones, and coral is supposed to quieten turbulent emotions and bring inner peace. 

 The ‘Fiery Red’ collection from Jade & Jewels features many dramatic coral pieces.


Red Coral Necklace

(pic: Coral & Gold pearl necklace 1.jpg) This bold statement necklace has wonderful healing properties! Chunky vivid orange coral, energy giving and powerful is juxtaposed with a chain of shimmering gold pearls to make this unusual double string ornament. 

Coral Necklace

(pic: red Jade coral necklace 1.jpg) Another spectacular piece from this red gemstone themed collection is the ‘triple red jade and coral fiery red necklace’. Ramp up the daredevil mood with red accessories! A red and gold triple stand necklace of coral rondelles and jade beads embellished with a silver nugget dipped in gold fits the bill exactly.  Wear either of these necklaces with a tangerine paisley print for a harmonious feel or contrast them with black or white to accentuate the drama.

Coral Earrings

The coral earrings in the ‘Fiery Red’ collection can be worn on their own or along with the coral necklaces. Have a look at these perky orange zirconia accented coral drops.

Coral Earrings

(pic: Orange CoralRed earrings 1-2.jpg)  Or these unusual clover leaf shaped earrings (pic: Clover leaf orange coral Red earrings 1.jpg)

Coral Bracelet

For a flash of bright orange-red on your on your wrists, try this pearl and coral bracelet (pic: Coral & pearl Red bracelet 1.jpg)


The Jade & Jewels collections spoil you for choice, with multicoloured gemstones to match every mood!










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