For a unique blue toned sparkle..

For a unique blue toned sparkle..

Lapis Lazuli Celestial Blue Necklace

Semi-precious stones, in enchanting rainbow hues, are the major inspiration behind Jade & Jewels collections. Enhance the sparkle of your jewellery chest with their ‘Celestial Blues’ collection!

The signature stones in ‘Celestial Blues’ Collection are Lapis Lazuli and blue Agate. A deep blue opaque stone, Lapis is adorned with glittering little pyrite 'stars' and has been used in jewellery for thousands of years! Its name originates from the Persian word lazhuward meaning ‘blue’, the Arabic word lazaward, meaning ‘heaven’ or ‘sky’, and the Latin lapis meaning ‘stone’. It was prized by ancient Egyptian pharaohs who had it set prominently in their necklaces, pectorals, head-dresses and signet rings. They believed it warded off evil and offered protector to the wearer.The mountains of Afghanistan yield the best quality lapis. It is also mined in Chile, in the summers, at a height of 14,000 ft! For more about the history and origins of this beautiful blue stone, view

With imaginative mix n’ match, Jade & Jewels gives this ancient semi-precious stone a contemporary design twist. Intense indigo lapis beads are contrasted with lemony yellow and streaked agate. Curved, chunky blue stones are set boldly in silver. Dangling azure drops alternate dramatically with gold.

This cobalt blue lapis lazuli bead necklace offset by antique metal connectors will accentuate a minimalistic monochromatic look, and lift your denims from being just casual wear. For maximum effect, your neckline should be either a wide low boat, or high and closed. Wear the same versatile beads over soft blue chiffon and diamond earrings for a more formal evening.


Azurite & Lapis Celestial Blue Necklace

This double string chain of azurite and lapis lazuli accented with lemon yellow and blue streaked agate beads will look dramatic against white linen. For another distinct look, contrast this vivid azurite neckpiece with a black top, accessorized with a scarf of the same colour. For low key elegance, try it with a predominantly grey, raw silk outfit. Blue toned shoes and handbag will ensure top-to-toe attention to detail.

And this is just for starters! There are many unique pieces in this blue themed collection, each waiting to be creatively coordinated and worn.

Accessorizing is the key to being well turned out, and these unusual combinations add pizazz to your look. Pieces of jewellery, well-coordinated with the colours and textures of your ensemble, increase your style quotient significantly.

For a lot more colour inspired sparkle, check out the other collections in the Jade & Jewels repertoire!


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